The Well Accessorized Baby

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A friend is expecting a baby next month and she asked me to make her a nursing cover and a carseat cover. She directed me to a great page, which is a roundup of links to homemade baby gifts and we also looked at Udder Covers.  We went fabric shopping in my own stash and found a lovely flannel with a cheerful transportation print for the carseat blanket.  To trim we picked, also from the stash, a big orange polka dot. This is Amy Butler Midwest Modern and I spontanteously bought 2 yards of it a while back and have used up almost every bit of it. You’d be amazed how useful a beautiful orange polka dot is! And when made into a binding, well it just looks great.
Detachable Infant Seat Cover
This is a simple shape (we went with single layer, but you could make it heavier with two) bound with bias binding.  Two contrast straps have sewn on velcro and are stitched to the blanket. They attack to the handle to make a little tent for your baby.
Detachable Infant Seat Cover
So cute! Makes me wish I’d make one for my own kids.

The nursing cover is basically a blanket with a neck strap, or a boxy apron without waist ties.  I made the dimensions so it would cover your lap, but not be too long.
Chic and Modern Nursing Cover
Not only is it a nice blanket to cover the baby, but the strap (made with D rings, so adjustable) will keep it from falling down. And it’s wide enough to cover what I always wanted covered when I was nursing in public–not the breast or baby, but any exposed stomach from my shirt being up!!  This fabric is so gorgeous I know she’ll be the chicest mother at the playground. We browsed online and ordered from Hawthorne Threads two coordinating fabrics. It’s also fully reversible.
Chic and Modern Nursing Cover
What I like about both of these things is that they are simple and a nice way to surround yourself with beautiful fabric, and also they are very soft and you could easily press either into emergency use as a blanket, spit up cloth, playmat, or whatever other need you might have with a baby.
This baby is ready for some beautiful fabric


Matryoshka Apron

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Russian Doll Apron
I bought this fabric because it was so cute and I loved how vibrant the dolls looked against a black background. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it-just knew I had to have it! Isn’t it adorable? I’ve turned it into an apron with the perfect purple contrast as a special gift for someone.

Ties can be wrapped or tied behind.
Russian Doll Apron
A pocket has the dolls’ faces peeking out at you.
Russian Doll Apron

A narrow super ruffled purple hem adds a little more whimsy.
Russian Doll Apron

Here Comes the Bride

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Here Comes the Bride
Ahhh….June brides! A friend custom ordered an apron for a young bride getting married soon.  We chose this Michael Miller fabric in sorbet-a white background with pops of taupe, coral, and turquoise.  I love the swirls and sentiments-for some reason it makes me think of Jane Austen.

I fussy cut the big pocket so that “Love” was centered.
Here Comes the Bride
A big sash and bow are so romantic.
Here Comes the Bride
Originally I thought I’d pick up the colorful accents in the trim, but decided to let the fabric speak for itself and go bridal by using a white trim and an eyelet ruffle trim for the pocket.

I hope the bride is very happy in this and although I know it’s very old-fashioned, I love to think her wearing this while cooking up dinners in her new family home for her new husband.

Tuscan Kitchen

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Tuscan Kitchen Apron
This is the final custom apron I made this past holiday season. Since the person ordering it was ordering it for herself, she didn’t have a time limit nor need it for Christmas (phew!)  She chose the fabrics herself on a fabric shopping trip together and I took her measurements to assure a custom fit and design. This apron has a sturdy bound neck, stationary ties, a ruffle, and a pocket.  I have to admit that the olive green fabric is not one I would normally have chosen myself, but made into binding it looks great with the main body fabric.
Using the neck she liked with binding all around
A ruffled bottom
I wanted to make the pocket a little special looking so I put in a triangle of the green fabric, rather than just a straight trim. It has diagonal stitching lines.
I made a fancy pocket for fun

Doesn’t the fabric make you think of a nice Italian kitchen? I hope my friend enjoys stirring up pots of spaghetti sauce in this (from her home canned tomatoes that she does each summer) for many years.

Ladylike Lavender

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Full View-sash has tipped ends, two ruffles, polka dots, prints, and mini pom pom trim
This was a Christmas custom order for Anne, via her mom.  Anne knew I was making it but not all the details. I have a good idea of what sorts of things she likes, including the colors black/purple/white/red.  But when I went shopping I hated all the dark purples and black and white prints.  Then I saw this dusty purple with grey and pops of mustard yellow. Unusual! Beautiful! It feels almost Victorian, but the yellow keeps it from being too sweet. I thought Anne would like it, especially if I picked up the yellow bits. I found a coordinating lavender and a grey and white polka dot and mini ball fringe in mustard and got it all.  Anne said she’s a bit short-waisted so we’d agreed that this adjustable style would be perfect-one long strap for your neck and waist ties and you can cinch the sides shorter or longer and move the top higher or lower, as need be, to make a good fit.
Adjustable neck/sash ties let you gather the sides to be long or short
I used the main print for the main piece of the apron and made two ruffles out of the lavender and polka dot. I used grey and yellow seam bindings.
Grey and Yellow Seam Bindings for the ruffles
For the long tie I used the lavender, but tipped the last 10 inches or so with the polka dot fabric.  And the pocket? Polka dot with the tiny ball fringe of mustard outlining it.
Fancy pocket trim
I so loved how this looked when I finished that I think I might use the same fabrics to make myself a summer top or dress out of!
Beautiful shades of dusky purple and grey with pops of mustard yellow
Anne reported that when she opened her package on Christmas Day she liked it very much. Happy Cooking, Anne!

Pork Roll, Egg, & Cheese, please.

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The perfect order at bagel shop, here in New Jersey.  And if you walked into a bagel shop early one morning and the smiling lady behind the counter was wearing this cheerful apron, wouldn’t it put a smile on your face? The chicken print reads modern to me, rather than cutesy farmy kitcheny.
Bok Bok Apron
I did a custom apron last year for my friend to give her mother-in-law, who has a bagel shop.  She apparently loved it so much it has worn out and Megan ordered a new apron for this year.  To stand up to the daily wear I went shopping for home dec weight fabric.  I’ve used it before to make tote bags for myself and I think it will wash and wear well. It seems a bit stiff at the moment, but after one washing it will be soft, yet sturdy.

It has a square pocket
Bok Bok Apron
pleated trim
Bok Bok Apron
and, I was thrilled to find in my stash of seam binding, a whole roll of twill tape, which was perfect for this sturdier fabric.
Bok Bok Apron
I hope she is happy with it!

Whooo Looks So Cute?

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Whooooo will look fabulous?
Another pair of custom order aprons.  These are for 10 and 11 year olds so I made them closer to regular adult size rather than the very little kid size.  I used plenty of ruffles to make these nice and girly, but not childish.
Owl #2
(this picture makes it look oddly loose, but that’s just the mannequin and I didn’t tie the sash tightly.)
This one has a double ruffle for an extra kicky bottom. My endless stash of vintage seam binding covers the raw edges of both ruffles.
A double ruffle! (each seam covered in seam binding)

The pocket has a piping detail and contrast top.

Pocket Detail, with piping

The second apron:
Owl #1
This one has a single ruffle on the bottom,
Single flouncy ruffle
and an additional ruffle on the pocket.
Pocket Detail, with ruffle
Both have fixed neck and waist ties.
Pocket and tie in back

I really like the style of these and hope the girls love them!

Flitter Flutter Aprons

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Girly Girl Custom Aprons
This is a custom order for an acquaintance’s grandchildren, aged 4 and 5. Described as loving fairies and princesses, pink and purple, and all things girly, I thought this would be the perfect fabric for them.

A shimmery swirly butterfly print, available in both pink and purple.

Girly Girl Custom Aprons
This way they each get a heavy dose of pink and purple, but you can tell them apart.
Each has a ruffle trim and a pocket.
Girly Girl Custom Aprons

My test audience (Tabby) admired them greatly and wanted them for herself, so I imagine they’ll be a hit.

Animal Crackers

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If you have a little person in your life invite them into the kitchen with you! And nothing makes a little kid feel more like a special kitchen helper than having his or her own apron.  This child’s apron features an adorable safari print with chambray ties and neck.  I had my own little helper model this one since the adult mannequin really doesn’t display the kids’ aprons very well.  This one is smaller overall than the Hello Kitty apron-more suitable for a preschooler (to give an idea of size, Tabby is a tallish 5 year old.)
Animal Crackers apron
A double pocket will hold lots of treasures.
Animal Crackers apron


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Getting Ready for the Craft Fair!
I’ve been sewing a lot more than aprons lately, all in preparation for a craft fair I’ll be at. If you’re in the area, stop on by! It’s at Immaculata High School in Somerville, NJ, Sunday, November 18 from 10am-4pm.  I’ll be selling my aprons,
A new apron!
notecards, jewelry rolls,

Travel Rolls
One Side..
and felt ornaments.
Now they're finished
My mom will be selling her handmade dolls, stuffed animals, and embroidered felt Christmas decorations. I’m excited about it!


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